Giving back tour communities remains the corner stone of our cooperate responsibility.

Capricas is committed to building stronger communities not by isolating ourselves from the needs of the members of our communities, but by remembering the values of the legacies bequeathed to us and doing what is beneficial to others.

We put our long standing values to work in the communities we find ourselves by supporting our communities and the nonprofit organizations that serve people with disabilities.

Corporate and social responsibilities
We find opportunities to give back to the community we serve through monetary donations to many institutions and organizations.

  •  We made monetary donations to support the sports festival of the Army children’s school, GRA Phase 1, Port Harcourt.
  • We support health care and education-related organizations.

Capricas supports the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students, PANS. This reflects our strong presence and our dedication to advancing the field of pharmacy. We hope that more students will be encouraged to study pharmacy and consider the contributions they could male as front –line health professionals in the Nigeria health care system.

  • Several undergraduate students’ organizations have benefited from our donations at various times.
  •  Churches are not left out as we make generous donations towards the spread of the gospel.

Indigence and disability outreach
 We commit our resources to ensure that the very poor in our immediate communities are able to get free basic medical care. Many thanks to our in store fund raising endeavours. In the last one year we have raised thousands to support this initiative which have helped quite a number of needy families get through difficult times regarding their health.
Folks who are mentally and physically disabled also benefit from this fund.

Free wellness screenings
  For years, Capricas has offered free blood pressure check to all customers.  We have also given free blood sugar check to those at risk who we consider eligible by virtue of their financial inability.

 Of the people who were screened in the past year over 76% of them had high blood pressure and were referred to their physicians or family practitioners for follow up.
 Full wellness screening will commence in august 2009. This will entail monthly screening of blood sugar, blood pressure, total cholesterol, body mass index and waist circumference. In addition, the exercise delivers health education to the members of the communities. To find out when the wellness screening will take place in your neighbourhood please call our 24- hour customer care number 08035778291

Health information and education systems
Caring for your family is a full time job. To make it a little easier, Capricas has created an opportunity for you to learn about the health care issues that matter to you and those you love.
This has been a passion of Capricas for several years.
 We commit a reasonable percentage of our profits for the production and free distribution of health information leaflets and posters on most disease conditions for the benefit of our customers. Several subjects are covered including;

  • high blood pressure, pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • Stroke
  • Arthritis
  • Health tips
  • Your pharmacist as your recourse person
  • Eye care
  • Dental care
  • Early cancer detection
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Baby care
  • Taking care of your skin
  • Healthy pregnancy

Capricas health care club
Bomnie Adenubi, our director of the health club says this is a very exciting time to join the health club. The health club is our way of rewarding our loyal and health conscious customers. Membership of the club is yours free and offers the following perks;

    •  Free subscription to Top Health magazine, a comprehensive guide  to wellness for every body
    • Exclusive current health trends.
    • Discounts at participating fitness clubs and gyms.
    • Discounts of selected items in all Capricas outlets.
    • Home delivery of your prescriptions and medicines( limited areas only)

Please stop by to ask any associate about the club and you will be on your way to great pharmaceutical care. You may also apply on line.
Top health magazine
Top Health is the in-house health bulletin of Capricas designed to discuss burning health issues and provide current perspectives on these issues for the benefit of the customers. Top Health is distributed free to all health club members.
We continue to publish contributions from doctors, pharmacists and nurses from Nigeria, United States of America and Canada.

Caring for our staff
At Capricas, we believe that that one of the best measures of social responsibility is how we treat our employees and the opportunity we offer them. Capricas is place where employees of all background can build a successful career.
Interactive sessions make it possible for staff to make meaningful contributions towards the better service for customers.
An annual vacation is every staff’s entitlement.
Capricas has retained the services of a physician for stall medical care.
Staff members receive financial assistance under special circumstances but this is considered on individual basis.
We share in one another’s social event like weddings, birthdays etc etc.